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Written By Johnny Anders

Bexhill’s finest are back, not with a whimper, but with a bang.

‘Back To The Shore’ is a brand new 10 track album from Mumm-Ra. With all songs written by the band, and self produced, mixed, and engineered by front man James New, with help from Josef Page.

Those of you who bought, and enjoyed, Mumm-Ra’s 2007 album “These Things Move In Threes’ will not be disappointed by this return to form. In fact a couple of the songs here could easily have come from that major label release.

‘Back To The Shore’ rather perversely kicks off with ‘Goodbye’, which has echoes of The Teardrop Explodes. No bad thing as far as I’m concerned.

Next is ‘Lizzy Lu’, a sure fire hit single, with a nice opening. Apparently Lizzy Lu “Looks like Blondie, and flirts like Betty Boo”, and the band assure us that “In every town you’ll find one”, so keep your eyes peeled.

The album continues in similar vein throughout the 10 songs, with only the acoustic strains of ‘Technicolour’, and the final song ‘Chasing Footsteps’ breaking the mould of 3 minute, toe tapping, catchy, pop/rock songs.

On that point, the longest track on the album is 3 and a half minutes long, with no song outstaying its welcome. There are a few local bands who would do well to follow that example.

‘Back To the Shore’ is currently available as a download at: and costs just £5. It’s money well spent. Find out more at:

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