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You Rocked, We Rolled

by Phil John

Written By Andy Gunton

For most of us, our only experience of the life of a ‘rock ‘n’ roll roadie’ is seeing a man on a stage saying “one two, one two” into a microphone.

Well Phil John’s new book helps to shed light on what it’s really like in this account, written in diary form, of his experiences on the ill fated 1974 European tour by Mott The Hoople.

We often see and hear from the perspective of the rock star themselves, but this is a welcome view from behind the scenes. It goes some way to answering the question posed by Mott’s lead singer Ian Hunter in his introduction, “What was in it for them?”

The book also helps to explain the mystery posed by former Mott keyboard player Mick Bolton, “when we arrived on stage at each venue we would find our instruments, as if by magic, exactly where we left them the previous night - except they were now several hundred miles down the road!”

From Sweden to France, via Germany and Switzerland in a small VW camper van. Long days, even longer nights, contending with dreadful weather, indifferent promoters, beer, women and song, it’s all there and more besides. Including how a fellow roadie came to saw his bands Hammond organ in half with a chainsaw!

I don’t think many of us could read this book and not wish we’d been there.

You can buy ‘You Rocked, We Rolled’ from Starfire Vintage in Claremont, Hastings, and via Amazon. Or email Phil at: 

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