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Christopher Lee

Written By Rachael Kamara

Christopher Lee, Star of Wicker Man, Star Wars and Lord of the Rings, turned 92 on 27th May. To celebrate he released an EP. Far from what you would expect from a man of his age, the 7 track EP titled, ‘Metal Knight’ includes Heavy Metal Covers of Frank Sinatra’s ‘My Way and two tracks from Man of La Mancha, performed by Lee himself.

But then we are talking about one of the most theatrical actors ever, with one of the most recognisable voices so why expect anything less? It’s not the first time Lee has released covers of his favourite music, Christmas 2012 saw the actor release a two-track EP featuring Heavy Rock versions of Silent Night and Little Drummer Boy. We think it’s a safe bet that he will be down the front at Glastonbury this year to rock out to Metallica. (Although we are not betting real money…)

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