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The Union Bar, Hastings: 11/04/14

Written By Green Wyvern

Headliner and highlight of the evening KingBathmat, still playing as a threepiece, need to show that they can impress, following the support acts. They do, delighting the crowd of TUB regulars, local prog fans and others travelling in from outside the area (Milton Keynes and elsewhere).

It is John Basset’s band and he leads, singing and playing guitar, giving the band its unique sound. Behind him, Bernard and Rob set up steady, technical rhythms, allowing John to play within the confines of the songs, or jamming on other pieces. His guitar work includes driving riffs and expansive lead work. The guitar sound is very clear and the bass rich, Harvey Palmer behind the sound desk making sure it sounds good. 

Vocals are not all from John, with Rob providing backing and some lead vocals when his voice fits the music.

Unusually for The Union Bar, the audience seems shy of coming forward for the headline band, however they are enthusiastic in their response to the music. At the end the band talk to their fans and copies of John’s solo album, “Unearth,” are excitedly bought.

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