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Go! Boadecia

Jenny Lind, Hastings, 15 June 2014

Written By Stu Huggett

It’s a lazy Sunday afternoon, but indie-punk duo Go! Boadecia have pulled an excited audience for their third ever gig. On the right, grappling with an electric ukulele, is Juliet Harris, occasional Stinger contributor and host of online radio show Indie Wonderland. To the left, swapping between guitar, xylophone and melodica, is Sarah Corrie, almost absent from the music scene since her stint as a key member of London mod’n’soul survivors Comet Gain and their cult 90s splinter group Velocette.
 While it’s early days for their band, Corrie and Harris are relaxed on stage, batting comic banter back and forth. There’s a lot of personal and political anger in the lyrics but, as a title like ‘Punk Rock Kitten’ attests, Go! Boadecia land firmly on the cheerful side of rabble-rousing. As many great bands do, they also have their own theme song: ‘Go! Boadecia’ is begging to soundtrack a feminist Cartoon Network serial, or at least appear on Horrible Histories.
 Talking of theme songs, they play a welcome tribute to this afternoon’s noteworthy support band, The Catenary Wires. Now based in Tenterden, and here playing their second gig as a duo, The Catenary Wires are the latest creation of underground heroes Amelia Fletcher and Rob Pursey. Both were previously members of internationally renowned indiepop groups Tender Trap, Marine Research, Heavenly and (briefly, in Pursey’s case) Talulah Gosh. Go! Boadecia’s delicious take on the latter’s classic self-titled single seals the deal on a joyous day out.

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