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The Return Of?

Written By Andy Gunton

After reviewing Mumm-Ra’s new EP, ‘Back To The Shore’, recently we thought we’d see if this was the start of a band reunion. I caught up with front man James New to try and get to the truth.

Andy Gunton: Mumm-Ra have just released an 8 track mini album, does this mean we can expect to see a full blown reunion?

James New: I wouldn't say that. I think for all of us the demise of Mumm-Ra happened very suddenly. One minute we were touring the world and the next we'd broken up. This EP was a brilliant excuse for some very old friends to get together and do something they love and something they're still pretty good at!

They're songs we'd written for the 2nd album that we felt were deserving of a home. It's been great fun to record them.

AG: Can we expect to see any live shows?

JN: We played in Austria recently, but that was a one off gig.

We live all over the place now and are very busy with our various endeavors. It's been a nightmare getting together to rehearse! But honestly, we can never say never.

AG: Why did you get back together? Was it because of the reunion shows you did at Flairz in 2012?

JN: They were great fun. The main reason is cos we're still such good friends. Whenever we get together we just revert back to the same 15 year old boys we were when we met. I can give up Mumm-Ra, but despite the fact they're all pricks, I can't give up the boys!

AG: If you’re just 'making music & having fun', can we expect to hear more from the band in the future?

JN: We'll see. For the moment we're content with doing it on our own terms and in our own time. We've been through signing a major record deal and everything it entails. It was a fantastic achievement for us and although it was one of the best experiences of our lives, we don’t feel the need to do it again.

AG: What have been the high points of your Mumm-Ra career so far?

JN: A tour of Japan, with fans staying in the hotel lobby overnight just to meet us in the morning...Mumm-Ra mania!

AG: Are you making any music outside of Mumm-Ra?

JN: Yes. I've been writing with other people for the last couple of years. One of the artists I've been working with, 'Saint Raymond', has released 3 singles I’ve collaborated on. He's going on tour as Ed Sheeran's main support around the UK and Europe!

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