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All Gigged Out

Written By Andy Gunton

  • Photograph by Mark Richards

  • Photograph by Mark Richards

  • Photograph by Mark Richards

“That’s the first time a naked man has ever fallen into my drum kit”

So said Isaac Holman, drummer and vocalist with Slaves, during their recent gig at The Union Bar, in Hastings. If you weren’t there, you really did miss out, but more on that later.

 My run of recent local gigs started in the quieter and less frenetic surroundings of the Masonic Hall, in St Leonards. That’s where I had the pleasure of watching Trevor Moss and Hannah Lou perform a homecoming concert, fresh from their tour of Europe and the USA supporting Tori Amos. Not having seen this duo before, I was struck by the intimate nature of their performance. Not least because the use of only one microphone, for both voices, meant that at times the dual vocals brought the pair close to kissing. Rather appropriate really.

 In complete contrast Riddles produced a tightly constructed wall of noise, not unlike Hawkwind, during their return to The Union Bar. The band proved that Psyche Rock still has its place in the modern world, especially when played as convincingly as this.

 Another trio, One Thousand Tons, showed off new bass player, Harrison Caruana, the following evening in the same venue. I just wish a few more people had been there to share the experience with me. These guys are definitely worth it.

 One of the best things about Hastings is the ‘other’ bands that our local musicians often play in. One of the most recent and also most interesting are Georgian Bass, formed of Otti Albietz on bass guitar and George Macdonald on drums. Their second ever gig, at the Royal Standard, was well populated and rightly so. It’s not easy to describe their music, but it certainly brings a smile to my face. Georgian Bass are just two of our best musicians having fun and what could be better than that?

 King Size abandoned his amps, after one song and played unplugged, to great effect, at the inaugural Bare Faced Blues Festival at the Gecko Bar, in St Leonards. Toby even led the audience into the next room for one song, pied piper like, before sitting on the stairs and serenading us. A consummate performer.

 With amps fully loaded, Kid Kapichi and Wax wowed a full house at the Royal Standard, a venue that’s rapidly becoming one of the ‘go to’ places for original live music. 

 And so back to Slaves. Ably supported by The Piercings, Ghouls and Kid Kapichi, this was one of the most sweaty and down right exciting gigs I’ve been to for many a year. As one older audience member told me, it was “like a Punk gig from the 1970’s”, complete with good natured moshing, crowdsurfing by both audience and band members and the aforementioned naked man crashing into the drum kit.

 Both band and audience played their part in making this a gig to remember and one that people were talking about for days afterwards. Just look at the photo’s to see why.

 Gig of the year? So far, most definitely.

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