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The Sine Waves

Tsar Bomba

Written By Juliet Harris

The lovely thing about writing for The Stinger is getting to bang on about how great the music scene is in Hastings and the surrounding area. 

Evidence of that greatness comes in the form of something not many local music scenes are able to boast – a garage punk/synthy/occasionally even vaguely rockabilly band specialising in Surf Instrumentals. 

Yes, no town should be without this – and The Sine Waves certainly live up to their spectacular concept. 

Fresh from their excellent “Frat Cave” nights at the Royal Standard and a busy summer of touring and festivals, their latest single, “Tsar Bomba”, is a fantastical ride. Their constituents of dangerous guitar lines, unrelenting synths and the grooviest of all the rhythm sections combine to make an addictively pleasurable whole. 

And like all the al-time great singles, there’s a cracking B-Side to match it in “The Fly”. The creepy spoken-word intro gives way to an endlessly dramatic stompalong that would shame even Tarantino with its effortlessly cool melodrama. 

Pick it up on clear 7-inch vinyl (see, I told you they were cool) from or on iTunes from 30 September 2014.


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