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Everything Everything

De La Warr Pavilion, Bexhill - 8th November, 2015

Written By Andy Gunton

Getting to heaven.

The first thing to say about this gig is that Everything Everything certainly didn’t hold back, in any department.

Many people commented to me afterwards about the spectacular light show, and quite rightly so, it really did shine, often using single colours and silhouettes to great effect.

Add to this a purpose built stage set, including a space for Jonathan to sing and dance on, and you can see that Bexhill got the full show, everything in fact.

Everything Everything kicked off their set at the De La Warr Pavilion, on Sunday evening, with ‘To The Blade’ and ‘Blast Doors’ from their latest album, ‘Get To Heaven’. This warmed up the very enthusiastic crowd nicely for the third song, ‘Kemosabe’ from ‘Arc’, which set the stall out for the rest of the night.

The bands mixture of inventive, catchy, sing-a-long songs and their obvious dance music influences, which really come to the fore in a live setting, had the large crowd singing along and dancing, with their hands in the air, until the final note of the band’s 90 minutes on stage.

Apart from the ‘show’ Everything Everything also impressed with their energy, musicianship, obvious enjoyment at playing the gig, and their use of multiple vocals, one song was even performed acapella.

Although this was a predominantly younger audience, as you might expect, the gig goers were a cross generational spread of kids on their dad’s shoulders, to baby boomers, all of whom seemed to be having a great time.

Maybe this indicates potential greater success for the band, especially when everyone else catches up with those already ‘in the know’, which I feel is only a matter of time.

During the gig we were treated to nearly all of the bands most recent two albums, and even a couple of tracks from further back, before finishing their main set with crowd favourites ‘Cough Cough’ and ‘Distant Past’.

A quick change into snazzy red jackets and Everything Everything were back for a three song encore, leaving us with ‘No Reptiles’, complete with its inspired lyrics about “a fat child in a pushchair, old enough to run, old enough to fire a gun”.

Everything was good. Everyone left happy.

Once again the De La Warr have managed to divert a class act away from venues in places such as Brighton, to bring Everything Everything to our own neck of the woods.

The band themselves made complementary comments about the venue too, as other recent acts have also done.

If the entertainment on offer this evening was anything to go by, I hope this welcome trend continues.

PS:Mention should also be made of the support act for the evening, Stealing Sheep, a female trio from Liverpool, playing classy 80‘s inspired songs, while dressed in matching leggings and leotards.

Quite possibly the best opening act I’ve seen at this venue and, judging by the reaction of the crowd they attracted, a feeling that was shared by many others present.

On another occasion they would have been given a fully deserved encore.

Well worth seeking out.

Everything Everything website: Everything Everything Stealing Sheep can be found at: Stealing Sheep - Music


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