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Hastings Music Town

An Update

Written By Andy Gunton

Keeping you up to date with recent developments.

I mentioned in our last update about the Great Place scheme, for which we had subitted an Expression Of Interest. You can read about that here:

We have now heard back and unfortunately we didn't get through to the next round. We have asked for feedback on this decision as we felt we had a very strong case for funding. 

Naturally we are very disappointed with this, but that doesn't mean that we are giving up.

At our last Steering Group meeting we made a decision to carry on with the Hastings Music Town idea regardless of whether we were successful. We still intend to do this.

We have been working on and discussing the Hastings Music Town idea for some time now, as we mentioned in a previous article ( We were talking to Hastings Borough Council and others about the idea well before the Great Place scheme was announced, so a lot of groundwork has already been done. We have no intention of wasting that valuable work and are still very keen to continue with the Hastings Music Town idea.

We have a Steering Group meeting planned and will be discussing our various options for the future at that, as obviously our original Great Place ideas will now have to be reconsidered and new options explored.

As you my know we had arranged a series of Open Meetings in Hastings and Bexhill starting next week (7th November), which many of you were intending to attend.

In view of the above we have decided to cancel these meeting for the time being, but will be rescheduling these for a later date and probably consolidating them into just a couple of general meetings.

I hope you understand our reasons for this.

We will let you know when these dates are arranged.

Thanks for your continued interest in this exciting idea.

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