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Rich Lown and Band

White Rock Theatre, Hastings - 24th March, 2017

Written By Andy Gunton

  • Photograph by JR Lewis

  • Photograph by JR Lewis

Bexhill singer/songwriter Rich Lown took a big gamble when he booked Hastings’ White Rock Theatre for a gig with his band, but the gamble certainly paid off.

Around 300 fans, many of them seemingly friends and family, made the trip, and I doubt that any of them were disappointed by the evenings entertainment.

The fact that many in the crowd had a personal connection to those on stage meant that this gig had a slightly different feel to it than others you may normally go to at this venue.

The audience were effectively already won over before Rich and his band took to the stage to deliver their set, which certainly gave the gig a nice friendly feel to it from the off.

All of that doesn’t mean that the band took this gig any less seriously than they would normally do, they certainly gave it their all.

The gig was split into several different sections, each of them highlighting different aspects of Rich’s songwriting, and containing tracks from both his latest and older albums.

He threw in a couple of cover versions as well during his set.

Rich Lown started off with his full four piece band, before playing songs solo at the piano, and also a section with just his long time guitarist Robin.

We were even treated to some nice violin playing at times too.

Another nice addition was the six piece female choir from Horam, who sang along to some of the songs.

They did rather spoil their intended surprise entrance though, by coming on a song too early, much to the amusement of both the crowd and Rich Lown himself, who had to wave them frantically back off-stage again.

It was inevitable that Rich and his band would be invited back on stage to perform a couple of extra songs as an encore, including a sing-a-long version of ‘Stand By Me’, but it was fully deserved.

Rich and his team should be congratulated for taking that initial gamble with the White Rock Theatre.

The fact that he managed to attract that many people along on the night shows that he has the support to take him further, he also has some good songs to accompany him on the way as well.

You can find Rich on Facebook here: RichLownMusic

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