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King King

St Mary In The Castle, Hastings - 3rd May, 2018

Written By Darren Johnson

  • Photograph by Adam Kennedy

Four-piece King King have been building quite a formidable reputation since forming a decade ago.

'The best blues rock band in the world' no less, according to Blues Rock Review.

It’s a big sound and a very classy sound that fills the cavernous St Mary In The Castle tonight, and one that just oozes the confident charm and riff-laden swagger from classic rock’s heyday when band’s like Bad Company dominated the album charts and filled the stadiums.

Integral to the whole sound, and one of the things that really makes the gig special for me, is the interplay between guitarist Alan Nimmo and keyboard player Jonny Dyke. Dyke, the new boy in the band who replaced departing keyboard player Bob Fridzema last year, delivers deliciously soulful Hammond that perfectly compliments Nimmo’s guitar wizardry and bluesy vocals.

At the heart of all great blues rock, however, are great songs and King King certainly don’t disappoint in that department either.

Songs like ‘You Stopped The Rain’ and ‘Rush Hour’ show some quality song-writing. And lyrically it’s not just standard stadium blues rock fare of feeling alright or looking for love.

Material from the new album ‘Exile & Grace’, in particular, concentrates on some altogether more profound subject matter.

“There’s an underlying theme on this latest album,” explained Nimmo, when launching the album late last year.

“Some of the main songs are about the state of the world, y’know, this beautiful blue planet that’s turning into a battlefield.”

‘Broken’ one of the songs tonight from the new album is very much on that theme of a troubled world.

In spite of the uncompromising lyrics though it’s delivered with the same class and seemingly effortless appeal that defines all the great songs of this genre.

While Nimmo has had issues with his voice in recent years and had to undergo treatment on his vocal chords, there’s no sign of that hampering the performance tonight and the whole band give an absolute master-class in classic blues rock.

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